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First Sobelmans Pub & Grill Franchise Opening in Waukesha
Known for its delicious burgers and Bloody Mary’s, the Milwaukee-based brand is expanding across Wisconsin and soon neighboring states.

Since Sobelmans Pub & Grill first put the word out that it was launching a one of a kind franchising opportunity, requests to learn more have been flying in. And now, the famed Milwaukee-based brand is opening up its first franchised location in Waukesha.

The first new franchised restaurant is being spearheaded by Jimmy and Alison Dakolias. But even though they’re new to the franchising industry, they’re well versed in running a bar. The husband and wife duo own two successful bars in Waukesha, Wisconsin—Boscos and Spurs. They had been thinking about adding food to one of their menus when they learned that Sobelmans owners, Dave and Melanie Sobelman, were looking to franchise. That’s when the lightbulb went on.

“The timing and opportunity couldn’t have been better. We knew that we wanted to grow one of our bars—Spurs—into a full-service restaurant. But we weren’t exactly sure how to take the next step. As soon as we heard Dave wanted to grow Sobelmans, we reached out,” said Jimmy. “Owning a Sobelmans gives us an incredible opportunity as business owners. The brand has a huge following, not just in Wisconsin, but around the country. Being able to tap into that brand recognition is invaluable.”

Beyond the brand’s strong reputation, Sobelmans and Waukesha are also an ideal match. The city’s restaurant scene is consistently expanding. That means the demand among consumers for a family friendly burger brand with top quality ingredients has never been higher.

“The Waukesha community has been wanting to see Sobelmans open up here for a while. And our soft opens and test runs have showed us that the potential to be successful here is unlimited,” said Alison. “The fact that Sobelmans is a family-owned brand also resonates with our consumers. It’s even one of the reasons Jimmy and I knew we could break into franchising—Dave and Melanie have created a system that’s proven to work.”

Even though Sobelmans first franchise just opened its doors, the brand is already planning to expand. With their 2nd franchisee now signed on and to be open very soon, 2017 is expected to be a year filled with rapid growth and development.

“There isn’t another franchising opportunity like ours out there. You cannot find another burger brand that will let you add a special item to your menu to honor either your heritage or the history of the building you opened up in. But that’s what makes Sobelmans different—there’s a lot of character and personality behind every one of our unique locations,” said Dave Sobelman. “Now that our first franchise is opening its doors for business, I’m excited to see where the new year takes us. Our momentum is stronger than ever, and I’m 100 percent confident that we’re building a strong foundation for our growing franchise system.”